Grab some Juishy E-liquid from, now at a really good price. You get a massive 100ml of juice for only $10. That’s a bargain if I ever saw one!

There are 24 flavors to choose from and a selection of 0 to 24mg strength of nicotine. You can get them with either 70% PG / 30% VG for more throat hit (TH) or 30 % PG and 70% VG for more vapor. If you are getting the VG heavy ones, please remember to steep the juice just a little bit more (a week or so) as the flavors tend to take a little while to mix together with these. If you’re not using a sub-ohm tank, I would go for a high PG ones as they tend to wick better, but that’s the same with all high PG juices I guess.

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