The Innokin UCAN2 is an interesting piece of kit. It’s basically a fancy e-liquid tank. I know, you might ask yourselves: “why do I need this” and the simple answer would be.. you don’t. Usually.

That’s right, this portable e-liquid reservoir is designed for people on the run who either have small tanks to work with or go through large quantities of juice rather quickly. You fill it up and then press the button at the top to squeeze out the juice. Its small nozzle does well to fit in pretty much every tank, even old-school cartomizers. You also get a screw-on cap which allows you to wear this stainless steel beauty around your neck.

If you are a really busy person and find yourself out of e-liquid during the day or you just like shiny things like me, go ahead and grab the UCAN2 at a discounted price.

Innokin UCAN2 specs and features

  • steel container

  • 20ml capacity

  • pump lock mechanism

  • top cap carry ring

  • 1 x Innokin UCAN2

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