So I’ve been using the Siren as a daily driver for the past few months and I have to say I am quite impressed with it. I’m constantly looking at new tanks that offer MTL vaping, but unfortunately most tanks nowadays are specifically targeted at direct lung vaping, with ample airflow and (at least) two coils. So let’s check out Digiflavor’s Siren 22mm Grand Theft Atomizer Genesis Tank Atomizer.( yes, that’s what GTA stands for on the box!)

Presentation of the Digiflavor Siren

Opening the package, we have a very clean looking display that includes the tank with a pre-installed drip tip, an extra drip tip and spare glass. The tank itself as well as the spare are actually glass by the way and not plastic.

Underneath we have a T-screwdriver as well as spare screws and O-rings and nothing much else.


The design of the Digiflavor Siren reminds me of Kayfun/Taifun or Kayfun Mini to some extent. The reason for this is the Genesis-type deck.

As a quick reminder, a genesis tank is different from most popular tanks of today because the atomizer sits above the part of the tank that holds the juice. Therefore the deck is closer to your mouth which generally means more pronounced flavor. Genesis tanks were popular among flavor chasers and can be found on another popular tank, the Avocado 22/24. The difference between the two is that the Avocado is designed mostly for DL, wth mouth to lung being possible to some extent and also the Siren has the deck inside a raised chamber which brings the wicks closer to your mouth and helps the flavor perception.

The build deck is a single coil design using two Philips head screws to secure it in place. Wicking the Siren seems pretty easy. I prefer cutting the the cotton wick just enough to fill the wick holes or even going below, into the tank. I see many other people recommending that the wick should not go down into the tank through the wick holes and should not be visible in your e-juice. I tried both and found out that either way you do your wicking you will be prone to have some leaking. Its not as bad as other tanks, but just keep in mind that it will happen at some point. The tank has top-fill and therefore is pretty easy to push all your juice inside, handling about 4ml. You won’t be able to change the coil while it’s filled however, given the Siren’s design.

If you’re used to soft drip-tips you’ll hate the longer one (pre-installed) as it feels pretty rigid and plasticky. The replacement drip tip is not only smaller but also has a better shape. Also, altho the top drip hole seems to be 510 compatible I could not install my favorite Ego One drip tip. It seems to be just a bit too tight. It has 4 holes on the ring which increase in size from 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm. At the smallest hole it’s more of a mouth to lung cigalike hit.


The Siren is a well rounded tank that produces great flavor! You’ll taste the main profile and all the subtle notes from your e-juice mix. If you are able to get past the little issues discussed here and if flavor is your number one priority in an MTL tank, the Siren is the one for you.